What do you think of the artwork featured in the new omnibus edition of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass? When Japanese twitter user kasunoko tweeted a pic of the cover image, netizens in Japan were quick to claim that the artwork “doesn’t look very American”. In fact, several of them were of the opinion that the artwork seemed a bit on the, erm, Japanese side. Hmm, we’re not sure what they’re talking about, but check out the images after the jump and let us know your thoughts!

▼ The omnibus edition features several black and white  illustrations of key scenes as well as this beautiful cover illustration.

▼ Alice meets the Caterpillar.

▼ Alice after eating the “Eat Me Cake” and growing to a massive size.

“Surprised by how much I like the artwork in the American version of Alice!”

The original tweet prompted the following barrage of responses:

“Definitely very cute.”

“This isn’t American AT ALL!”

“This was clearly drawn by a Japanese person.”

“Seems influenced by Japanese artists.”

“This is so cute! But it doesn’t seem like it was drawn by an American.”

“Doesn’t look American. Redraw it!”

“It seems really Japanese. Cute though.”

“Don’t be silly, this is definitely the Japanese edition!”

“What’s the big deal? Japanese people are free to draw in a more ‘American style’ so why not the other way round? It is kinda funny though…”

“I’m not convinced this is American-made…”

“Just because this is the American version, it doesn’t necessarily mean the artwork was drawn by an American, you know.”

“Kawaii and Moe have made it to America!”

“I’m not sure this kind of artwork will be all that popular in the US…”


Personally, we think this debate is pretty silly. The artwork is as cute as buttons, so who cares whether it “looks Japanese” or not. Since when did drawing inspiration from a variety of different art styles become a bad thing? However, feathers got so ruffled that several people decided to get their detective hats on to find out the identity of the mysterious artist once and for all!

“Apparently the artist is called Kriss Sison, born in the Phillippines.”

Well, that clears things up! Thanks for identifying one of our new favorite artists, guys!

If you’re interested in seeing more of the artist’s work, you can always check out his tumblr and deviantart accounts!

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Otakustudy.com, Hamusoku