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Original Pokémon fans are all grown up now, so it’s time to sell them some more revealing garments.

There have been plenty of mature marketing tie-ups for Pokémon gear before, but never has it been so…Pikachu-y.

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YUMMY MART and Pokémon are teaming up to release a celebratory collection for the 20th anniversary of the hit video game. Emblazoned with everyone’s favorite yellow thunder mouse, Pikachu, these goods fill a possible void in a female Pokémon fan’s collection.

▼ Pikachu underwear (1,680 yen [US$15.35]) and Pikachu towel poncho (5,480 yen)

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▼ Pikachu pajamas (5,980 yen for the set), Pikachu eye mask (1,680 yen) and Poké Ball laundry pouch (1,680 yen)

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▼ This outfit is unfortunately not for sale.

Fans of Pokémon and YUMMY MART, which is a sister label to lingerie brand Peach John, can buy pieces from this collection starting on April 20 at YUMMY MART stores found in the Shibuya 109, Shibuya PARCO and Ikebukuro PARCO shopping centers. The YUMMY MART Pokémon Collection will only be on sale until May 8, so if you wanna catch ’em all, you’d better head there as soon as you can.

Source: Nijimen
Images: Peach John