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So that’s what the obi is really for!

Whether you’ve been to Japan or not, you’re still sure to know about kimono, the traditional robe-like clothing still worn even today for special occasions and ceremonies. If you’ve had the opportunity to try one on, or even try on the lighter summer version – the yukata – then you understand the challenges that come from wrapping and tying the obi. Undoing the obi, however, is much, much easier.

But if you’ve never had the chance, this virtual reality game may allow you to experience what it’s like to at least to take off the obi… Well, that is, if you were to take it off at such a speed that the one wrapped up in it goes spinning off like a top!

This game, created and shared by Japanese Twitterer @tatsunoru, casts you as an “evil Edo-period magistrate”, alone in a room with a girl in a traditional-style tatami room. The game begins with you taking the end of the obi in your hands and pulling. The faster you pull, the faster the girl begins spinning!

By the time you’ve run out of obi, the wall in front of you will suddenly disappear, revealing a stage with another spinning girl in a green kimono.

▼ A challenger appears!


In a rather Beyblade-like battle, the two spinning girls bump into each other until one is eventually knocked off of the stage.

▼ “I am victorious!”


Though in the end your spinning battle girl may just end up falling off herself.

▼ Oh, well in that case…


The video has been liked over 30,000 times and retweeted close to 50,000 times since it was uploaded on June 18. No word yet on when or even if this will be available for the public, but judging by the online response we can see it being pretty popular.

And for those of you who thought, “This could use some background music,” here you go:

Source: Twitter/@tatsunoru, Net Lab
Images: Twitter/@tatsunoru