In the name of the moon, you should wear these yukata!

Magical girl anime fans are in for a difficult decision. While their summer wardrobe was initially all set with last year’s release of a Cardcaptor Sakura yukata, or summer kimono, their options have now multiplied with the introduction of a new fashion line that even Princess Serenity herself would undoubtedly be seen in.

The good news is that longtime kimono maker Kyoto Marubeni has teamed up with the Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Project for a collaboration worthy of all Pretty Guardians! They’ve really outdone themselves this time, too. The collection includes not one, not two, but a whole line of yukata ranging from the adorable to the sophisticated, all of which pay subtle and stylish homage to the beloved series.

The collection includes yukata sets (a yukata plus an obi, or sash), folding fans, single yukata, and single obi. Let’s take a closer look at each separate product.

First, the most affordable option is the yukata set, which comes in six variations and retails for 16,800 yen (US$150). The designs on these yukata include large ribbon motifs in vivid colors that were inspired by the four “inner” guardians who form Sailor Moon’s main comrades in battle–Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. The special Sailor Moon pattern comes with a base color of either deep blue or white. In addition, each set comes with a pre-tied obi (to save you the hassle of tying it yourself) which is reminiscent of the guardians’ transformation outfits.

While you’re at it, why not add a matching ribbon-motif folding fan for 3,800 yen? They come in two color patterns, both of which are sure to cool you on a humid summer night if they don’t vanquish enemies of the Moon Kingdom as well.

Next, the line of “à la carte” yukata features seven elegant varieties which are geared towards the slightly more sophisticated crowd with a bit more cash burning in their pockets. Each yukata is made of 100% polyester and retails for 38,000 yen. The variations include the following four patterns, pictured left-to-right, top-to-bottom in the image below:

  1. “Silver Crystal” pattern: A base design of lilies, the Silver Crystal, and planetary symbols in the style of stained glass (pink and yellow-tinted versions available)
  2. “Uranus & Neptune” pattern: A base design of Sailor Uranus’ Space Sword talisman and Sailor Neptune’s Deep Aqua Mirror talisman in a starry sky (only one version available)
  3. “Five sailor guardians” pattern: A retro-modern design featuring the inner guardians’ planetary symbols and flowers blooming in their image colors (deep blue and black-striped versions available)
  4. “Moon Castle” pattern: A design featuring the Moon Kingdom’s Moon Castle reflected in lake waters (pink and off-white versions available)

Finally, you can order a half-width obi to go along with your yukata for 15,000 yen each. The four varieties include red x black, yellow x purple, light blue x wine, and pink x white color combinations. One side of each obi is decorated with the planetary symbols, and a pattern of moons and stars is woven into the other side.

Premium Bandai is currently slated to release the line in February. Other online retailers, department stores, and kimono specialty stores throughout Japan will begin releasing it in April. Notably absent from the collection is any reference to Sailors Saturn and Pluto, along with Sailor Chibi Moon. But with the plethora of choices that are available, all fans are bound to find a suitable yukata to wear during their own moonlit summer romance.

Source, images: Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Project Official Site