Elegant enough to make anyone look and feel like a Disney Princess!

Tokyo Disneyland has been closed since the end of February, and although they appear to be taking measures to re-open the parks in the near future, for many fans there is a Mickey Mouse-shaped hole in their lives. For such fans, Disney have announced their new line of yukata summer kimono, perfect for the summertime festivals. The line-up features two yukata, new for 2020. There are also festival clothes and accessories for children, all of which are adorned with familiar Disney characters.

The first of the new yukata features – who else? – Mickey Mouse. The design combines plum blossoms and the famous Mickey Mouse motif with the Japanese checkered patterns, giving the garment a traditional yet modern feel. Depending on how you accessorise, you can look playful and cute or sophisticated and stylish.

The second design is a navy Alice in Wonderland-themed yukata. At a quick glance, it might be easy to miss the Alice silhouettes mixed in with the beautiful flowers, and if you look even closer you can see the Cheshire Cat grinning on the maroon obi belt.

There are also matching bags and fans to go with both these beautiful yukata, so you can fully co-ordinate your entire wardrobe.

For younger Disney fans who want to get in on the action, there are also children’s yukata available too. This adorable one features Ariel with Flounder, and is making us wonder why they aren’t making these in adult sizes.

Not to be worn under the sea, of course.

And while the gang from Frozen’s winter wonderland aren’t the first Disney characters when you think of the hot summer nights in Japan, kids can get Elsa on their summer swag, too.

If you want to get your hands on one of these yukata, they will be available to purchase on the Disney Store’s online shop from June 9. The adult yukata cost 10,890 yen (US$100) and the children’s are 4,950 yen (US$45). Fingers crossed that Tokyo Disneyland re-opens in time for its guests to show off their summer yukatas in the park itself, although they might be in for a quiet visit…

Source: Disney via Japaaan
Images: Disney
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