Anime-inspired traditional fashion items include a Cerberus ornament that clamps onto the yukata sash.

As we move into mid-April, cherry blossom season is winding down in Japan. It won’t be long until summer brings outdoor festivals and the opportunity to wear yukata, or summer kimono, and this year anime fans have the option of rocking an official Cardcaptor Sakura yukata.

Anime fashion label Super Groupies, which just unveiled its Cardcaptor Sakura purses and previously created a hair dryer inspired by the iconic magical girl franchise, is offering not just a yukata, but also an obidome, an ornament that attaches to the obi, or kimono sash.

Featured on the obidome are Cerberus and Spinner Sun, also known as Kero-chan and Suppi, the faithful familiars who assist their human cardcaptors.

The yukata itself, made of cotton and bundled with a polyester obi, itself has more subtle nods to the series, with the cloth pattern including depictions of cherry blossoms (called sakura in Japanese) and gilliflowers (nadeshiko in Japanese, which is also the name of protagonist Sakura’s deceased mother). The sun, moon, and stars, all of which appear as motifs on the magical Clow Cards that Sakura collects, are also on display.

The yukata/obi set is priced at 15,800 yen (US$143)and can be ordered here, while the obidome is sold separately here for 4,800 yen. Delivery for both is scheduled for late June, meaning you’ll still have some time to practice tying the obi before the festival season gets into full swing in mid-summer.

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