For most women, when it comes to things to do in a one-piece mini-skirt, lying on the hood of a police car probably isn’t very high on their list…

…but for one woman in China, it was priority number one while law enforcement officials proceeded to arrest her husband.

This lady, from Liaoyang City, China, wasn’t impressed with the police carrying out their regular law enforcement duties and detaining her husband for drink driving.

Apparently, she decided there was nothing else to do in such a situation other than pretend to sleep on the front of their patrol car. And, we have to admit, we can’t really think of a better option off the top of our heads…

▼Dressed to impress: Chinese woman shows the police who’s boss

She clearly succeeds in demonstrating her contempt with the Chinese fuzz by using their vehicle as a mattress – and doing so while reportedly being pregnant.

The police officers in the video don’t seem too deterred by the lady’s actions but the confrontation appears to escalate when she finally jumps off the hood in an apparent attempt to go and belatedly “help” her husband. That’s where the video cuts off, but we can’t imagine the situation improved much for her or her husband afterward…

But if looks could kill, perhaps these police officers should be carrying her in their gun holsters.

Source: Youtube, Toychan
Images: Youtube