Son’s writing gets published in national newspaper, biting criticism and all.

While his exact age is unknown, Haruma Yabe must be six at the very oldest. We can figure this out because he’s a student at Ishikawa Preschool in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward.

Given little Haruma’s tender age, it’s quite an honor that a poem he wrote was recently published in a national Japanese newspaper. Sure, it’s in the kids/family section, but that’s still a major accomplishment, and ordinarily it’d be quite a feather in the cap of his parents, too, especially since his mother is the subject of the poem.

But while we’re sure Haruma’s mom was happy to hear that her son’s work was going to be published in the paper, her joy might have been dampened when she first read it for herself.


My mama is like a mosquito
She’s always right next to me
Annoyingly buzzing and buzzing
I try and try to brush her away, but she keeps coming back
My mama, she’s like a mosquito

“This preschooler is seriously dissing his parent,” said Japanese Twitter user @fukazume_taro, whose tweet garnered comments including:

“It sounds like his mom is one of those over-protective types.”
“He might listen to his mom now, but I bet he’ll stop doing what she tells him once he gets into junior high.”
“Kids’ writing really gives you a revealing look at their home life.”

That said, Haruma and his mom might not actually have such a strained relationship. Preschoolers generally don’t go submitting their writing to newspapers entirely of their own volition, and in the likely case that the boy’s parents are the ones who sent his poem in, it suggests that Mr. and Mrs. Yabe have a sense of humor and are more than capable of laughing at themselves.

Nonetheless, if Haruma does decide to continue with his literary pursuits, his mom is probably hoping he finds a new muse soon.

Source: Jin, Twitter/@fukazume_taro

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