Stored at temperatures below freezing, the drink magically turns to ice inside the bottle after opening.

Back in 2010, our Japanese team had their first encounter with a revolutionary new product called “Super Chill!! Coca Cola”. The drink was displayed as part of a promotional event, with models demonstrating how a regular bottle of coke could take on an icy, slushie-like texture after simply being opened and turned upside down.

▼ Here’s a video from the encounter.

In the six years since, the unusual beverage has appeared in vending machines in Hong Kong and now, finally, coke lovers in Japan will be able to enjoy the self-freezing drink, with specially designed machines being deployed at 1,000 7-Eleven convenience stores in the Tohoku region and on the island of Shikoku.

▼ Customers can now grab an “Ice-Cold Coca Cola” at the local 7-Eleven.


Our Japanese reporters were keen to try the drink for themselves, but with no vending machines in the Tokyo area, they had to take a road trip all the way up to Tohoku’s Akita Prefecture to get their hands on one. It was a long trip, but as soon as they laid eyes on the new equipment in-store, they knew the journey was worth it.


To buy the Ice-Cold Coca-Cola, customers need to purchase a special ticket at the counter to insert into the machine.


Once the drink is dispensed, the liquid inside looks no different to an ordinary bottle of coke. It takes three simple steps to give it a slushy-like texture.

1. Open

2. Take a sip


3. Reseal the bottle and turn it upside down


Immediately, the liquid begins to thicken and become icy. While it can be drunk straight from the bottle, Yoshio poured the liquid into a cup in order to see the full effect more clearly.


The drink became even icier after it was poured. The reason for this, it turns out, is the fact that the drink is kept at a set temperature below freezing in the machine. Once the bottle is opened, the supercooled solution inside is able to form carbon dioxide bubbles in which ice crystals begin to form, spreading through the liquid and freezing it instantly.


Our reporters have had their fair share of slushies before but this was a totally different experience. Seeing the immediate transformation was fascinating, and the drink was seriously delicious. Plus, being able to reseal the frozen drink in a bottle makes it perfect for carrying around and drinking throughout the day in the summer heat.


With the rollout still in its initial stages, there’s no news yet on when we’ll be seeing the special vending machines in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka. We seriously hope they’ll be appearing in stores around the country soon!

▼Until then, check out our reporter enjoying the icy cold beverage below.

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