karei18If you’ve ever been to Japan during summer, then you’ll know how the energy-sapping, mind-melting humidity can make you want to do crazy things like wear ice-cream shorts and invest in USB-powered neck coolers. So of course we weren’t surprised when Mr. Sato came into the office insisting everyone shake their carbonated drinks and put them in the freezer. While some of our more sensible staff members made it clear that they wouldn’t be sticking around to clean up any fizzy explosions, our man Mr. Sato managed to convince us all that this would work. And work it did. In fact, this may be one of Mr. Sato’s most sensible ideas yet!

All you need for this is your favourite carbonated drink, a freezer, and a timer. Mr. Sato assured us that this was something he’d read about online so it would be safe to try in the office. Today we’re trying out two varieties: Sprite and Grapefruit Fanta.


Step 1. Shake. Mr. Sato says a serious shake is required, but if you’re too vigorous it can be dangerous so be careful. As a guide, shake it until the bottle feels a little fuller, but take a look at the video below to see exactly how it’s done.


Step 2. Place it in the freezer. It’s best to put it in a secure spot where it won’t roll around.


Step 3. Set your timer. 3 hours and 15 minutes.


Step 4. When the timer goes off, remove the bottle from the freezer.


Step 5. Open the lid just a little. This will release the pressure gently and safely. Don’t open the lid all the way just yet.


Step 6. Turn the bottle upside down. This will turn the liquid into an icy sorbet texture. Be careful not to spill it as you turn it upside down.


Step 7. Pour your home-made slushie into a tall glass.


Step 8. Time to admire your icy beverage and cool down! At this point Mr. Sato begins his told-you-so dance around the office, but thankfully we’re too busy to notice.




The Grapefruit Fanta turned out to be just as good as the Sprite version.





If you don’t get perfect slushies at first, don’t give up. Freezers and temperatures can be different so you might need to change the spot where you place your drink to get better results.


For a complete walkthrough, check out the video below. As with anything, Mr. Sato takes no responsibility for his own or anyone else’s actions so if anything happens to explode in your freezer, we’re sorry to say that he won’t be coming over to clean up the mess!

But, on the up-side, this also means you won’t be subjected to his told-you-so dance when you enjoy your perfect slushies. Happy frozen soda time everyone!

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