67-year-old entertainer flies into violent rage during regular afternoon talk show.

Most people would say that if you’re going to commit a violent crime, the smart thing to do is to commit it when there aren’t many witnesses or evidence-recording devices around. However, Yukio Miyachi apparently isn’t a very smart person…or a good person, really.

Miyachi may not be a household name throughout Japan, but the 67-year-old entertainer has enjoyed a fairly lengthy show business career in the Nagoya area. He had a nine-year stint on local morning talk show Dodesuka!, and also served as pitchman for regional ramen chain Sugakiya for 15 years. His longest-running gig, though, was as host of the afternoon radio talk show Miyachi Yukio no Kite Miyaachi (“Listen Up with Yukio Miyachi”), which Nagoya broadcaster Tokai Radio aired four times a week since 1997.

Miyachi’s co-host on the program has been Mie Jinno, a 50-year-old media personality. Given Miyachi’s many years of working with Jinno, you’d think the two would be bonded by a comfortable chemistry and genuine mutual respect, but on June 27 the elder radio host became so upset that he physically assaulted Jinno, repeatedly kicking her in her left knee. He then struck her in the face with his microphone, cutting her lips.

As you can probably infer from Miyachi’s unusual weapon, the attack occurred in the studio. Even more shocking, though, is that it took place during the middle of Miyachi Yukio no Kite Miyaachi’s live broadcast. The program starts at 1 p.m., and Miyachi began assaulting Jinno at roughly 2:55.

The prefectural police formally arrested Miyachi on June 30, with the entertainer replying to the accusations by saying “There is no mistake.” No motive has been revealed for Miyachi’s sudden violence.

A substitute stepped in to host Miyachi Yukio no Kite Miyaachi on the day following the attack, and as of June 29 the program has been suspended by Tokai Radio. Jinno’s injuries are expected to take 10 days to heal. Hopefully she’ll not only make a full recovery, but also have her agent find more stable performers for her to work with in the future.

Source: Asahi Shimbun Digital via Jin
Top image: Wikimedia/ Johannes Jansson