Now you can enjoy the great outdoors with the comfort and style of an outdoor warrior.

Snow Peak is a proud Japanese company, founded in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, in 1958 by an experienced mountaineer called Yukio Yamai, who decided to create his own line of superior climbing gear after being unhappy with the existing range on the market. In the decades that followed, Yamai’s son took over the company, shifting the focus from mountaineering to camping products, working to secure worldwide recognition for the home-grown brand, with Yamai’s granddaughter launching a popular range of outdoor apparel in 2014.

Now, Snow Peak is upping the apparel game by pushing forward with a new and exciting idea for lovers of the great outdoors, with a new item called the Outdoor Kimono. Produced in collaboration with Kimono Yamato, which was founded in 1917, the two longstanding businesses have put their creative minds together to breathe new life into the traditional Japanese garment with a host of new details that make it perfect for camping trips and other outdoor activities.

Made entirely in Japan, the Outdoor Kimono uses a new trademarked polyester material called “Dot Air“, which is lightweight, quick-drying and highly breathable. The tailoring of the garment was completed by kimono specialists, to preserve the beauty of the traditional clothing while using the new material.

The Outdoor Kimono differs from its traditional cotton counterparts in both material and design, with a button waist and belt loops so that it can be worn with or without a belt.

The garment, which is available in either navy, grey, or green, can be styled in a number of different ways, depending on the situation and environment.

▼ You can add accessories like a bag and hat for a stroll in the woods.

▼ Or you can pair it with some traditional geta sandals and an over-the-shoulder bag for a walk around town.

▼ It also works as a relaxed overcoat

▼ And it can be layered up for warmth in the cold winter months.

Whether you’re going out for a day hike, or simply hanging around the campsite with friends, the Outdoor Kimono is incredibly versatile, and is said to provide all the comfort of a kimono while being tough enough to withstand the harshest conditions.

Snow Peak has even created a series of promotional videos to show just how cool the garment looks on a group of stylish campers.

The video also features some of the company’s other camping accessories, like tents and kitchenware which includes drip coffee makers and a sake flask-and-cup set made from titanium.

▼ This moment of coffee-making zen makes us all want to dress in kimono on our next camping trip.

The Outdoor Kimono retails for 39,000 yen (US$364.29) plus tax, and can be purchased at Snow Peak stores and online, with pre-orders currently being accepted for 25 April delivery.

Source: Snow Peak via Japaaan
Images: Snow Peak