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A new Chinese commercial features claims of an electric fan that generates an air pocket of wind that feels like a pair of breasts. Ingenious invention or just marketing?

The advertisement begins with a boy wearing a virtual reality headset who is conveniently transported to a world consisting of a beach with beautiful bikini clad women.

▼“These virtual reality headsets are totes amazeballs”

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The boy proceeds to chase the women, which of course is totally fine in the virtual world – but alas, our young protagonist is accidentally chasing around real women in a department store.

When it appears all hope is lost for success, suddenly a well-endowed woman in a gold bikini walks towards the boy (in the virtual reality world) and he successfully gropes her chest.

▼Gold bikini girl approaches

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This is where the marketing “geniuses” come in to play – the young man is actually groping the wind currents being generated by the Singfun Electric Group Co Ltd electric fan.

▼Here we see the young boy groping the wind pocket

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Singfun claims that a twin set of fan blades produce wind currents that collide 40 centimetres from the fan head that, when touched, yield a “soft as boobs” sensation.

▼Singfun Electric Group’s incredible technology

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Naturally, the story concludes with the boy buying the fan together with the virtual reality headset and ends up getting a nosebleed by enjoying both products simultaneously in the comfort of his own bedroom.

Whether the sensation the fan purports to create is real or fake, one thing is for sure, this commercial was a marketing success, gaining over 25 million views and sales having apparently risen 300 per cent — at least according to the company that manufactures the fans…

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Images: Youtube