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If you’re an anime fan, it turns out you’ve got red gold pumping through your veins!

Anime fandom is one of the purest examples of the economic struggle between man’s unlimited wants and limited resources. There’s a never-ending flow of new Blu-rays, soundtracks, and character merchandise entering the market, meaning that fans have to forego certain items in order to have enough money to buy the ones they really want.

Of course, economics also tells us that money isn’t the only resource that can be exchanged for goods. Your blood has value too, and parting with it can get you some anime swag, thanks to the summer blood drive organized by the Japanese Red Cross Society and the planners of Comiket, Japan’s largest showcase of fan-produced anime and manga content.

Starting August 12, donating 400 milliliters (13.5 ounces) of blood will get you a set of five exclusive posters.

▼ Bloody action anime/manga Berserk seems like an appropriate representative for the event.

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▼ As does violent PlayStation Vita title Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight.

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▼ On the other hand, the casts of PC game/anime series Wagamama High Spec

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▼ … mobile game Flower Knight Girl

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▼ …and the mascot characters for PC protection software PC Matic are part of the poster set just because they look cute.

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39 collection centers nationwide are participating in the anime-themed blood drive, with a complete list of locations available here.

Source: IT Media
Images: C Agent (edited by RocketNews24)

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