You’re already a tax write-off.

Government schemes aren’t generally referred to as “cool.” In fact, even the Cool Japan initiative turned out to be anything but. However, the Furusato Tax system might just qualify as something actually cool that the government cooked up.

The way it works is simple: People are able to donate money to a rural community which is tax deductible up to a certain amount defined by their income. In exchange they can get a special “gift” product that is produced in the area.

Or, in the over-simplified terms: In Japan if you buy certain things from smaller cities and towns, you can get them refunded via your taxes.

Free stuff is always great, but this is especially neat because it gives people a chance to browse the wide range of goods made all over Japan. Since this is essentially a marketplace, these areas are all vying for donations and tend to put their best foot forward in terms of gifts ranging from swords to sake to the occasional chance to become mayor.

For example, here we have a lovely bust of the hero of Fist of the North Star, Kenshiro, known around the world for poking guys in head and then saying, “You’re already dead,” just before their brains explode in a bloody mess.

Now, you too can be reminded of all that ultra-violent post-apocalyptic fun with this life-sized sculpture of Kenshiro’s cold stare in your home! The 70-centimeter (27.5-inch) statue can be gotten with a donation of 150,000 yen (US$1,450) to Kadoma City in Osaka Prefecture.

The reason Kadoma can offer this item is because it is home to Kaiyodo, a world-famous figure maker with licenses from a range of manga, anime, and tokusatsu hits.

The catch is that in order to get the full 150,000 yen donation for the Kenshiro bust refunded, your income would have to be at least between nine and 10 million yen ($87,000 – $96,000) a year depending on your household situation.  Luckily, Kadoma City and Kaiyodo are also offering lower cost alternatives such as Fist of the North Star’s Jagi bust (not quite life-sized) for 90,000 yen ($870) and a figure of the Evangelion Type-08 β-ICC, seen in the first trailer for the upcoming final film, for 45,000 yen ($430).

Of course, not all gift items for Furusato Tax donations are anime busts and robot figures. There’s a fascinatingly vast array of things to choose from such as ice cream, steaks, and primo seats for an air show to name but a few.

Source: Furusato Choice
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