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At Wally Run, you can finally become the striped-shirt-wearing hero we all adore.

Waldo (known as Wally outside the U.S.) is as famous in Japan for getting lost as he is everywhere else in the world. He’s inspired Ghibli fan theories, Pokémon searches, and now an entire day of scavenger hunting bliss in Japan.

Wally Run, which will be held in Osaka and Aichi Prefectures this November, doesn’t involve any running at all, unless you count running around trying to find awesome things. Participants get an official Waldo hat, glasses, and striped shirt, then spend the day basically walking around inside one of a Where’s Waldo book.

▼ The outfit, so that participants can truly feel what it’s like to be Waldo.

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▼ The parks where Waldo Run is being held will be loaded with things to find,
and those who find everything can get special prizes.

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▼ Looks like someone found the camera!

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▼ That key seems just a little too big.

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▼ Wally Run – fun for families to enjoy a day together…

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▼ …and for any single ladies looking to
get closer to the eligible bachelor himself.

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▼ Can you find the real Waldo?

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▼ Here’s a video of what the event will be like in all of its striped shirt glory.

If you’re interested in joining Wally Run in either Osaka’s Hirakata Park or Aichi’s Monkey Park, then be sure to sign up at the official site. It costs 6,800 yen (US$66) for adults and 3,800 ($37) for children, but that includes the swanky Waldo clothes that you’ll be able to cosplay with for the rest of your life. Just think of it as an investment in your future as an international spy/peppermint salesperson.

Source: Wally Run via @Press
Images: Wally Run