Nothing goes better with a weekend in costume than a bag of blood for the Red Cross.

Tis the season again, the season for Comiket that is! The bi-annual event is getting ready for all the cosplay and dojinshi (self-published magazines, books or manga) that the Tokyo Big Sight convention center can handle. Every year seems to attract greater and greater numbers, so it only makes sense to try and do something good with all the people gathered in one place. Thanks to the continued goodwill of some of the creative groups who sell their books at the event, at this winter’s Comiket, all you have to do is roll up your sleeve and be willing to donate some blood to receive a cool gift!

▼ Take part in the blood drive, get a free gift!


From December 29 to December 31, at a special area right next to Tokyo Big Site, attendees of Comiket can donate blood. Upon donating 400 milliliters (13.5 fluid ounces) of said blood, the valued patron will be presented with five posters and two wall scrolls featuring some popular manga, anime, and game characters. It’s no cookie, but we’re willing to bet the donors will satisfied with the replacement.

● Posters

Yowamushi Pedal


ViVid Strike!


Grimm’s Notes


Trinity Tempo


Akihabara Made 13 Jikan


● Wall scrolls

Is the Order a Rabbit?


Tawawa on Monday


These posters and wall scrolls seem like the perfect addition to a weekend at Comiket and you’ll only be able to get them through the Red Cross. With some pretty sweet swag offered for donating blood, we imagine a lot of fans will be lining up to give. As always, the Japan Red Cross Society is prepared to continue this collaboration beyond Comiket. Red Cross facilities around Japan will continue to participate until January 31 or until supplies are exhausted, so if you can’t make it to Tokyo, be sure to stop by a Red Cross location for the goodies.

Source: C-Agent via Kinisoku
Images: C-Agent