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The new ad will bring tears to your eyes while revealing some interesting statistics about Japanese society.

Sometimes ads have the power to play out like mini movies, touching our hearts with beautiful settings, familiar scenarios, and characters we can all relate to. Japan’s leading telecommunications provider, NTT DoCoMo, has just released a heartwarming new video containing all these elements, as part of its new “For ONEs” campaign that centres around the topic of diversity, showing how the many individual “ones” in Japan are all part of a larger plural that makes up the fabric of society.

▼ One in eight people are children.

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▼ One in four are old.

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▼ One in sixty are foreigners.

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▼ And one in 13 are a member of a sexual minority.

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With Japan still lagging behind much of the western world when it comes to recognising sexual minorities and gay rights, it’s this last mention that’s become a hot topic in Japan, as it features the real-life couple of Koyuki Azuma (pictured above right) and Yuko Masuhara (above left), two of the country’s most prominent LGBT rights activists.

The recent strides towards equality in Japan, with the issuing of same-sex partnership certificates by local governments, has received support from cellphone providers like NTT DoCoMo, with discounted plans being offered to cohabitating same-sex couples for quite some time. It’s heartwarming to see the company continuing to bring the topic of same-sex partnerships out from the shadows in Japan, particularly when one in 13 people across the country are part of a sexual minority.

It’s a great reminder that no matter how much we might feel like we’re alone in the world, we’re always part of a larger group that makes up a part of a wider society.

Source: Genxy
Images: YouTube/docomoOfficial