NTT wants you to remember the Tohoku Earthquake by remembering the phone numbers of loved ones

Can you remember 11 digits 11 years after 3-11?

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Flip phone graduation ceremony — A surprisingly emotional look back at life in 3G-era Japan【Vid】

With the first phase of Japan’s 3G network shutdown starting this month, phone provider takes a moment to remember how it changed communication culture.

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Japanese company starts paid service to attach protective film to your smartphone for you

Docomo, Japan’s largest telecom provider, launches Film Attachment Support program, but it’ll cost you.

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Lovely singer belts out classic X Japan song in commercial, complaints flood in

New ad is perfect example of too much of a good thing.

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Requiem for a smartphone buyer: Mr. Sato gets no iPhone X but has a new lease on life

They say acceptance and hope are the final stages of moving on from a loss.

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Mr. Sato comes out of retirement to wait for the iPhone X three days in advance

Our grizzled line-waiting reporter dusts off his portable chargers for one last score.

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Don’t let the machines do all the work! Learn how to take control of your butthole’s destiny with these demonstrations.

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Mr. Sato does not buy an iPhone7, calls this year’s Docomo release ceremony “f***ing s**t!”

Despite being the first person in Japan to purchase the latest iPhone on more than one occasion, Mr. Sato was shunned by his phone company this time around.

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Telecom company DoCoMo turns vegetables, camera flashes, and pressed shirts into an orchestra【Video】

It all begins with chopping some onions and blowing into some carrots.

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Touching DoCoMo ad shines light on diversity, features well-known Japanese lesbian couple

The new ad will bring tears to your eyes while revealing some interesting statistics about Japanese society.

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Japanese cell phone provider gives same-sex couples with Partnership Certificates family discount

Cell phone service in Japan isn’t exactly cheap, and if you spend a lot of time on your smartphone talking with clients, chatting with friends, or otherwise keeping in touch with the rest of the world, it’s not hard to run up a monthly bill in the neighborhood of 10,000 yen (US$84). Thankfully, Japanese providers offer a variety of discounts to help soften the blow, with reduced rates for family members being a huge help.

Now, as part of the changing societal concept of what constitutes a family, Japan’s largest telecommunications provider has begun offering family discounts to same-sex couples who present documentation of their union.

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Is smartphone pinky the new text claw? Overuse of mobile devices found to cause finger deformity

For many of us, mobile devices are an inescapable part of daily life. But for all the convenience they bring, we have to remember that there is such thing as too much of a good thing. The spread of smartphones and other mobile devices has brought with it a slew of ailments caused by overuse.

You may have heard of – or even currently suffer from – “text claw,” which is the pain you get in your wrists and hands from constant use. In addition to this and other increasing ailments is what is being called “smartphone pinky“, which is classified as pain and even temporary deformity of the pinky finger from, you guessed it, excessive smartphone use. If you’re reading this on your phone now, you may want to adjust the way you’re holding your mobile device.

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Mr. Sato shows up in costume, is the first to purchase an iPhone 6 Plus, meets Ken Watanabe AGAIN

With the goal of being the first in line to purchase an iPhone 6 Plus, Mr. Sato, our most outlandish reporter, parked himself in front of the Marunouchi Docomo store on September 15. After several nights living on the streets, finally the day had come! On the morning of September 19 at 8am, Mr. Sato, blue slime costume and all, purchased his coveted Apple gadget, but not before meeting famous actors and taking center stage in an interview. Here is his story.

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Japanese mobile provider locks smartphones to prevent use while walking

We all do it, and we’ve all been irritated by others doing it: walking while checking something on your phone. You know that it’s dangerous, but when you are in a hurry and need to check an urgent mail or see if anyone liked your witty status update yet, it’s hard not to just give the screen a quick gander on the go.

Japanese mobile provider Docomo has developed a service to remove that very temptation from your life, though. By setting your Android smartphone to “safety mode,” it will give you an error message if you try to use it while walking. That’s right, cruise control for pedestrians is finally here!

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Our reporter Mr. Sato becomes first Japanese buyer of a Docomo iPhone5S!

In the early days of the iPhone in Japan it was under an exclusive contract with telecoms giant Softbank, which gradually gave way to AU availability as well. This left NTT’s Docomo, as the only big mobile carrier without any Apple product of its own.

However, coinciding with the Japanese launch of the new iPhone5S and iPhone5C today, Docomo has finally jumped on the iPhone bandwagon and is carrying the unit that so many people have been clamouring for. No one was more thrilled at the news then our own Mr. Sato, a long time Docomo subscriber. So he headed down to the Docomo store in Marunouchi to get one as soon as it came out. Turns out he was their very first customer.

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