Over the weekend, a fight broke out between two mascots who have a well-documented history of bad blood.

Two mascots started fighting at the annual Mazda All Stars Baseball tournament and it was a little one sided.

All of the mascots were supposed to be participating in the Kumamon exercise performance, when the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks mascot “Fuu-san” suddenly starts to charge at the Tokyo Swallows mascot “Tsubakuro” (a play on the Japanese word for “swallow”).

Just as Fuu-san is about to crash into the Tokyo Swallows mascot, he falls flat on his face. Tsubakuro decides to take full advantage and proceeds to kick Fuu-san while he’s down.

Okay, so this is most likely a set up, a carefully disguised ruse for the entertainment of the crowd – but it still looks pretty funny!

These two have had a history of bad blood with Tsubakuro beating up Fuusan in June 2015 and then shooting him in the head with a t-shirt gun.

It seems like Fuu-san is always at the wrong end of the stick.

“Fuu-san” is a play on the word “fuusen,” which means balloon in Japanese. The significance of the balloon probably comes from the fact that at the end of the seventh innings of most Japanese baseball games the crowd lets off hundreds of balloons into the sky. It turns out the mascot’s head is also full of air like a balloon, meaning the person inside probably didn’t feel any of the blows that landed.

If you’re interested about who won the All-Star series, the Central League all stars defeated the Pacific League all stars in the first game 5-4.

And the second and final game of the series was a 5-5 draw, giving the Central League all stars a 1-0 victory.

▼ Mazda All Star Game 2016

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These results mean the Pacific League all stars are now only leading the Central League all-stars 80 wins to 78 wins in the history of the All-Stars baseball tournament.

Okay, so many of us may not be interested in the baseball, but at least the mascots can bring us some excitement.

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