The USB-powered device called Washable boasts the power to turn any bucket or sink into your own personal washing machine.

As RocketNews24’s cola-war correspondent, I often find myself on the frontlines and in the direct line of dark and sticky fire. I lost many a good shirt during the Tab Offensive in Botswana, and if only I had the proper equipment, those garments would still be here today.

Luckily, Thanko – the company that brought us a huge vinyl pollen blocking hood, armpit fans, and cockroach vacuums among other wonders – has released Washable, a USB powered device that weighs only 146 grams (5.3 ounces) but can bust dirt and grime from your clothes virtually anywhere for 4,980 yen (US$47).

You don’t even need laundry detergent with Washable as it uses ultrasonic waves to penetrate fabrics and blast the dirt away. Any form of soap, even dish-washing soap, and just a small amount of it should do.

Also, since Washable is powered by USB, you can plug it into your phone charger or even a backup battery pack if necessary.

Yes, with Washable there’s no need to pay those exorbitant coin-operated washing machine prices nor is it necessary to trek all the way to a cleaner’s only to face their judgmental stares. Now you can get great results without leaving your hotel room. Just look how happy this guy is with his Washable!

Source: Thanko
Video: YouTube/Hiroyasu Yamako