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This popular product on Amazon could help you protect your precious pet from the summer heat.

Summer’s in full swing and the days just keep getting warmer. As we humans continually search for new ways to enjoy the beautiful weather without melting, sometimes we forget that our feline friends might be suffering, too. In fact, heat exhaustion is just as much a possibility for them as it is for us. So what’s a caring cat owner to do?

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Never fear because Amazon Japan is here! In the bestsellers category in the pets department, you’ll find Marukan’s Nyanta Club Cooling Cat Dish. This dish is made from a high-quality aluminum that helps regulate your cat’s body temperature by aiding in the transfer of the body heat from the cat to the dish.    

The dish is about 1.25 feet in diameter and it can fit cats 11 pounds and under. Though it has a minimalist design, there are these totally adorable cat ears on the outside of it.  Included with the dish is a non-slip guard to keep your kitties from safe from slipping and falling as they get in and out of the dish.

Ok, ok, enough of the details. What we all really want to know is whether this thing actually works or not.  Well, luckily, Aoi Kuroneko from our Japanese sister site Pouch had her cat test it for us!


▼ Well, I think we can all see where this is going…


Like most cats, he is more enamored with the cardboard box than that which she actually spent money on…


In fact, several days passed and he didn’t even set one foot into the dish. Refusing to let her cat’s obstinacy get in the way of a good review, Ms. Kuroneko decided to try out the dish herself.


The results: After some time, she began to feel a cooling sensation that was kind of nice. Five more minutes passed and, indeed, she felt somewhat refreshed. What was the most interesting though, is just how long the cooling effects lasted. She could still feel it 15 minutes later.  


So will this cat dish keep your kitty nice and cool? It’s hard to say at this point, but it seems that if it kept Ms. Kuroneko feeling nice, there’s a chance that it might do the same for your cat, too.  

What are some of the different ways you help your pets survive the summer heat?  Share your tips and tricks with us below!

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