Slimier than a Grimer, greedier than a Meowth.

GO Hattori, one of the writers on the Japanese side here at RocketNews24, likes to create comics about jerks. And his latest creation “The Jerk at the Pokéstop” is no exception. Read it here:

kuso01 kuso02 kuso03 kuso04 kuso05 kuso06 kuso07 kuso08 kuso09 kuso10 kuso11 kuso12 kuso13 kuso14 kuso15 kuso16 kuso17 kuso18 kuso19 kuso20 kuso21

Are there any Pokéstop jerks in your area? Or are you – gasp! – a Pokéjerk yourself? It’s not too late to change your wicked ways, before the Pokémon start jerking you around!

Source: ©RocketNews24