The final result puts all other dog houses to shame due to sheer shopping ingenuity.

It’s no surprise that people will go to amazing lengths to keep their pet babies happy. Whether you’re a dog lover, cat lover or a lover of some other furry or feathery animal, the things we do for our “children” can be extreme. One mom combined her love of her dear Chihuahua and her amazing skills at shopping at the Japanese dollar store to create a doghouse of epic proportions. And it totally surprised her actual offspring, who came to investigate after hearing the sounds of construction coming from the mother’s room.

Stylized as a Japanese izakaya, this dog house has the décor and atmosphere of any of the finest eating and drinking establishments in the whole country. Called Izakaya Churoru, it’s even got the perfect place for the little doggie to cuddle up and take a nap! This is definitely one customer who is going to write a good review on Delp (Dog-Yelp)!

Just looking at the impressive building, one has to wonder if it’s possible to create other Japanese structures with materials from the dollar store. Perhaps Castle Wanwan or Nyanko Onsen should be next on the to do list. Start drawing up the blueprints!

Source: Hamsoku
Top image: Twitter/@roxo0077