Poktanju, sometimes known as Soju Bomb in English, is a cocktail popular in South Korea, and this lady is the queen of making them pop.

is commonly concocted by mixing soju, a distilled alcoholic beverage widely consumed in South Korea, or whisky with beer. Dropping a shot-glass filled with soju or whisky into a glass of beer is one of the most common ways of serving the cocktail, but in the hands Ham Sun-bok (함순복), who has been fondly known as Poktanju Ajumma (ajumma is a respectful way of addressing middle-aged women in Korean) on South Korean cyberspace since 2014, serving drinks becomes an interactive fun-packed show!

Keep your eyes peeled, her hands are so quick around the bottle it’s sometimes hard to keep up even when you’re sober!

▼ Choking the neck of the bottle with her fingers seems to be her signature move.

▼ What’s this soju sorcery?!

▼ This looks simple enough to try for home parties!

That’s it, we’re serving drinks on our mobile phone light starting tomorrow.

Source/top image: Youtube

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