Marking Japan’s unofficial “Banana Day” celebration of bananas, McDonald’s Japan offers us a sneak preview of its upcoming summer exclusive McFlurry flavor.

Holy crap, you guys. It is hot in Tokyo. Like, I just saw a guy burst into flames and run screaming down the street hot. I would have helped the poor guy, but I was too busy enjoying McDonald’s Japan’s delicious, refreshing new banana tart McFlurry. A man’s gotta have priorities.


August 7 was unofficial “Banana Day” in Japan – one of the many, many (oh god, so many) pun holidays in Japan that typically are celebrated when the digits in a particular calendar date can be manipulated to form some kind of play on words. January 5, for example, is “Strawberry Day,” as the digits 1 and 5 are pronounced “ichi-go” in Japanese (for “strawberry”). Some pun holidays get a little more fun with their number associations, such as “Beard Day,” on August 8, so named because “88” kinda looks like two beard bros kickin’ back with a couple of craft beers and talking about flannel and manbuns or whatever.


Anyway, I digress. Seeing as August 7 was official Banana Day, McDonald’s offered a limited early release of their brand new, summer edition McFlurry special, the “Banana Tart McFlurry,” at the chain’s Harajuku Takeshita Street location, with the first – you guessed it – 87 customers getting to try the new flavor on the house.

Obviously, we went and got our hands on a few.


Like any of McDonald’s selection of McFlurry desserts, the banana tart flavor starts with a soft serve ice cream base, but this version ups the ante with a generous helping of banana sauce and a crumbled graham cracker topping. We found the banana sauce, the ice cream and the graham cracker all really combined to faithfully recreate the taste of a banana tart and provided a refreshing, summery snack on one of the hottest days of the year so far.

The location was offering a double topping option (which we also gladly indulged in), but we found the regular version to have a perfect balance of flavors anyway, and for whatever reason the double topping option will not be available when the Banana Tart McFlurry officially rolls out today (August 10).



The limited treat will remain on sale until the beginning of October.

Finally, if you’re living in Japan, we’d be remiss not to point out that McDonald’s is holding a giveaway that will see one lucky customer per day receiving 87,770 yen (US$857). To enter the giveaway, just follow McDonald’s Japan’s official Twitter page, hunt down your favorite tweet about the Banana Tart Flurry, and retweet it with the caption “おすすめコメント” and “#マックフルーリーバナナタルト”.


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