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Nifty Japanese rice wine kit lets you brew your own tasty sake in the comfort of your own home

Now you can make awesome sake like a pro, too.

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Liqueur connoisseurs, prepare your tastebuds for an interesting new flavor: Kyoto cedar wood

Would you try the wood-flavored drink?

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South Korean “Poktanju Ajumma” wows with her cocktail party tricks【Videos】

Poktanju, sometimes known as Soju Bomb in English, is a cocktail popular in South Korea, and this lady is the queen of making them pop.

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Get ready to rock ‘n’ roll with the new line of alcoholic drinks from Suntory!

Okay, so the economy may be down, it may be a drag go to work each morning on the murderously crowded trains (or the impossibly jammed highways), and you may be feeling tired of everyday life in general, but you can’t let things like that kill the rock ‘n’ roll spirit inside you, can you? Well, now there’s a new line of alcoholic beverages from Suntory Holdings Limited that will help you get back into the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll – in Rolling Stones fashion! Read More