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An American tourist apparently learned the hard way recently to never ask Koreans – Korean smokers, actually – for directions, if the following video is to be believed.

After eating live octopus for your viewing pleasure – and it really is quite the spectacle – the host of this YouTube video inexplicably decides to keep rolling, telling viewers that Koreans are a laid back and wonderful people, before immediately asking two young men taking a smoke break for directions to a nearby landmark. They respond by physically attacking him and stealing his camera.

The craziness starts from about the 1:50 mark.

The Internet is in an uproar over the video, which has sparked no shortage of racist remarks about Koreans from Japanese and Western Netizens as well as apologies from Korean commenters that the two aggressors in the video are not representative of the country’s citizens.

▼ If you ask a Korean for directions, this may be the last thing you ever see.

ScreenHunter_206 Sep. 17 16.23

We have to admit, however, we’re skeptical about the authenticity of this YouTube entry. From the way the two smokers seem almost immediately familiar with the guy filming, to the way our hapless protagonist fits almost too well into the standard “Ugly American” stereotype, to the slightly choreographed feeling of the camera-stealing scene. The video also contrasts a little too perfectly with the previous “foreigners behaving badly” video from a few months ago that turned out to be a student film project.

Have a look at the video above and let us know what you think. Real or fake?

Source: Hoshu Sokuhou
Photos via YouTube