Because nothing cools you down better than the intense burning sensation of wasabi.

Actually, instant noodle maker Ace Cook seems to go out of its way to tell people this product isn’t all that piquant with the lengthy name of Adult Kireaji Mellow Wasabi Salt Soba. However, what the product name lacks in catchiness, it more than makes up for in descriptiveness.

Tender soba (buckwheat) noodles submerged in a broth made from the cooked bones of red snappers give it a firmly salty flavor with a hint of the ocean. The wasabi comes in a separate packet, which you can add to your liking. It gives the soba that refreshing flavor and a kick in the pants that only wasabi can.

Ace Cook says that it’s the perfect taste for these relentless hot days in Japan. It’s not too far fetched since cold soba noodles served with a splash of soy sauce and touch of wasabi is a widely enjoyed summer food. However, hot soba noodles might be considerably less comforting at this time.

Perhaps that’s why Ace Cook chose to hedge their bets and release Adult Kireaji Mellow Wasabi Salt Soba on 29 August at the tail end of summer.

Regardless of its ability to beat the heat, wasabi is awesome and so is soba, so these instant noodles should not disappoint. If you happen to be in Japan this summer, then check it out at supermarkets and convenience stores across the country for about 240 yen (US$2.40).

Source: PR Times via (Japanese)
Top Image: PR Times