See just how much hair a dog can shed during a routine shampoo in this series of impressive before-and-after photos.

Dog-loving Twitter user @riechanpon took her Shiba Inu Rie-chan to the pet salon for a shampoo recently and was surprised when the staff sent her this picture, telling her “a lot came out!”

The staff must have been amazed too, as they sent the owner another image of the cute pup standing alongside her mountain of fur, which the owner then shared with laughter on Twitter. Standing with her head held high, Rie-chan looks totally refreshed after getting rid of all that extra fur!

Once they were home, Rie’s owner shared some before and after shots of the cute animal to show just how different the pup looked after all that moulting.

On August 10, the pup’s bottom was round and fluffy, but four days later, after the shampoo, it looked like she’d slimmed down and lost pounds off her fluffy booty instantly!

▼ Even the pup’s sillhouette had changed noticeably.

And her facial features also seemed different, with a lot of extra fluff gone from around the neck area.

Not only did Rie look different after her shampoo, she felt different too, with less fluff for the owner to run her fingers through. Here’s what Twitter users had to say about the transformation:

“Her refreshed looking face at the salon is too cute!”
“Is this a dog or a sheep?!”
“I’d love to create a felt wool toy with all that fur – and make it look like Rie, of course!”
“Wow – it’s like half of her has disappeared!”
“I’d heard that Shiba Inu moult like crazy but this is insane!”

It’s true that Shiba Inu are known for their shedding, so they do require regular grooming, which, when done at professional salons like this, can result in some excellent makeovers! Who knew this dog was hiding underneath all that fur?

Source: BUZZmag
Top IMage: Twitter/@riechanpon