Now you can make your love-hate relationship official with five hilariously cute designs!

When it comes to weddings in Japan, there’s attention to detail in everything, right down to the official documents used to register your union. We’ve seen Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty, and even a virtual idol grace marriage certificates in Japan with their big eyes and romantic gowns, and now it’s time for a different type of character adornment, with one of the world’s most popular cartoon duos at the helm. These are the Tom and Jerry marriage certificates, and they’re every bit as sweet as they are hilarious, playing up their love-hate relationship on your documents in the cutest way possible.

▼ There are five designs to choose from, including the charming “I Got You!”


▼ And the simple “Love Ya!”, which features the two characters on a plain, pink design.


▼ Lovers can bring a bit of Tom and Jerry-style fun and spontaneity into their lives with the “Cheerful Home”.


▼ While the colourful “Movie Film” is a great choice for diehard fans of the series.


▼ And for those with a sense of humour, there’s the cheeky “Yours Forever” design.


Each design retails for 3,000 yen (US$29.80) and comes in a set that includes two copies of the marriage registration certificate, which can be submitted at local city halls, and a special copy for couples to keep as a commemorative memento. To find out more about the cute marriage certificates, visit the official website for more details.

Source, Images: PR Times