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According to this survey, tracksuit gym uniforms aren’t as bad as some more popular cosplay choices.

Japan’s Recruit Group, which provides information services for a wide range of needs and life stages, recently surveyed 200 male office workers between the ages of 20 to 30, to find out what type of cosplay styles they found least tantalising. The results, published on their portal website R25, revealed some surprising responses.

1. Military (42 percent)

At the top of the list, as the cosplay style men liked the least, was military wear. Some reasons given were:

“The garments are extremely manly.” (28 year-old)
“There’s no colour or artistic image in the costumes.” (27 year-old)
“There’s no exposure with the outfits.” (31 year-old)


2. Shrine Maiden (30.5 percent)

“It’s not sexy.” (27 year-old)
“There’s a low degree of exposure so it’s not really sexy.” (37 year-old)
“I don’t like sacred, holy imagery.” (30 year-old)

3. Maids (26 percent)

Given the popularity of Maid Cafes and cosplayers who like to dress up in the black-and-white outfits, this was a surprising addition to the top three, with reasons including:

“The clothes look really thick.” (37 year-old)
“It feels otaku-like.” (33 year-old)
“It’s so commonplace.” (37 year-old)


4. School Swimming Uniform (25.5 percent)

“I dislike the whole ‘Lolita Complex’.” (29 year-old)
“It doesn’t feel like cosplay at all. It’s just a swimsuit.” (32 year-old)

4. Tracksuit Gym Uniform (25.5 percent)

Tying for 4th place is another school-themed item, equally disliked for reasons such as:

“It’s just overdoing it when adults wear these outfits.” (27 year-old)
“Everybody wore these as students.” (33 year-old)

School 2

6. Policewoman (25 percent)

According to the survey, the tie for 4th place on the list means policewomen are placed at number 6, with reasons being:

“In this day and age, I think it’s a dangerous job.” (39 year-old)
“I hate the police.” (28 year-old)

7. Bunny Girl (24 percent)

“It’s trying too hard.” (30 year-old)


8. Race Queen (22.5 percent)

“The degree of exposure is just too much.” (28 year-old)

Race Queen

9. Flight Attendant (20.5 percent)

“It’s not arousing at all.” (27 year-old)

10. Doctor (17.5 percent)

“I don’t like the domineering style.” (31 year-old)

The remaining styles on the list were:

11. Sailor Uniform (16 percent)
12. Office Lady (14 percent)
13. Nurse (14 percent)
14. Badminton Girl (13.5 percent)

▼ Strangely, “Magic Wizard With Plunger” failed to appear on the list.


The survey certainly turned up some surprising views and comments on the way young working men feel about the cosplay scene. What do you think about the results of the survey? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: R25 via Jin
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