Haruka Yoshimura’s latest role is in a series about mahjong, but this snapshot makes the actress appear far from mundane.

The ability of certain anime voice actresses to intrigue and captivate their fanbases is truly amazing. The profession’s biggest stars have legions of fans waiting to eagerly support not only their favorite performer’s next anime project, but also her musical albums, photo collections, or any other solo endeavors she might venture into.

At times, the way top voice actresses can enchant their supporters seems almost like legitimate witchcraft, which some fans were thinking might be within Haruka Yoshimura’s skill set after seeing a recent photo of the voice of mahjong anime series Saki’s Yuko Mase.

One of Yoshimura’s Saki vocal co-stars, Chinatsu Akasaki, tweeted a photo of five of the show’s cast members as a thank-you to those who watched a recent episode of Saki Nama, a spin-off variety show in which the quintet appeared. While each member of the group is photogenic in her own way, Yoshimura, standing second from the left, stands out for two reasons. One is that she’s holding a cute stuffed animal penguin, and the other is that she appears to be floating, with no visible feet.

Of course, we all know there’s no such thing as magical levitation. Similar to how fashion model Tsubasa Masukawa’s legs “disappeared” back in the spring, the angles and shadows in the photo are playing tricks on people’s eyes. Yoshimura’s long, flowing dress stretches down low enough to align with the line of sight where the white wall meets the dark gray carpeting, which masks her black shoes and socks.

Either that, or the penguin has some sort of propulsion system hidden inside it.

Source: Jin, Twitter/@R172

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