My Navi News, a Japanese news website, polled 1000 of their members to find out just how many people dislike creepy-crawlies. A whopping 63.1% said they can’t stand the little guys.  Take a look at their reasons why and find out Japan’s most hated bug.

Here’s the poll as it appeared on My Navi News:

■ Do you hate insects?

Yes: 63.1%

No: 36.9%

Around 63 percent of those polled dislike bugs.  But exactly which insect is the most hated of all?  Let’s look at the breakdown.


■If you answered “yes” to the above question, which insect do you hate? Check all that apply.

15. Lady Bug: 15.7%

14. Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle: 19.6%

13. Stag Beetle: 19.8%

12. Ant: 20.1%

11. Butterfly: 30.7%

10. Praying Mantis: 29.2%

9. Cricket Spider: 30.7%

8. Drone Beetle: 35.2%

7. Aphid: 35.7%

6. Mosquito: 43.0%

5. Fly: 45.0%

4. Stink bug: 51.7%

^So stinky in Japan they can pass out from their own odor

These last three are known to make even the most nature-loving Japanese turn squeamish , so we’ve replaced their photos with moe characters instead.

3. Spider: 53.2%

2. Centipede: 65.3%

1. Cockroach: 84.5%

#1 through #6 is very understandable.  Poisonous centipedes, stink bugs, and cockroaches invade many homes in Japan and send people scurrying for insecticide.  Although spiders (#3) help catch the flies (#5) and mosquitos (#6) that cause our polltakers so much discomfort, their eight legs and wispy webs cause our member to fear spiders more than the insects they keep away. In addition, 40.4% said they dislike all insects, regardless of shape, color, or size.

And finally…

■ For those who dislike insects, when did you start disliking them?

Kindergarten: 40.1%

Elementary school: 25.8%

Junior high: 18.7%

High school: 7.1%

University: 3.5%

After University: 4.8%

My Navi News then asked for the reason people dislike insects.  Let’s take a look at some of the answers.

  • The legs!

“When I see the underside of a bug and all of its legs are moving around, it freaks me out!” (Male, 25 years old)

  • I don’t know where it’s going!

“You can’t predict where the bug will move to next.  If there are a bunch of bugs all together, it creeps me out.”  (Female, 27 years old)

Many people said the same thing.  I can’t help but think there are aliens in space right now, watching us humans, thinking, “Eww, they’re so gross!  You can never tell where they’ll move to next!”

  • “It’s my boyfriend’s job”

“Bugs are gross! I can’t even touch them.  If a bug comes into the house, it’s my boyfriend’s job to get rid of it.” (Female, 24 years old)

According to the survey, a number of men said they are creeped out by insects.  In addition, around 51% of men said they dislike insects altogether.  Even though men are just as afraid of bugs as women, the poor guys are expected to take care of the tiny home invaders.

  • They just get grosser and grosser…

“The more I examine a bug, the more it freaks me out.  The way it moves also freaks me out…it’s so disgusting!” (Female, 30 years old)

  • They make me sick

“Mosquitos, cicadas, centipedes…any insect that causes people harm or pain really makes me mad.  Also, when I look at a bug’s wings or body, it makes me feel sick” (Female, 27 years old)

  • I want them all dead

“Most bugs gross me out, especially ones with a ton of legs or none at all.  Insects with 6 to 8 legs (rhinoceros beetle, stag beetle, etc) are cool and insects like butterflies are beautiful, but I just wanna kill the rest of them.” (Female, 27 years old)

  • I’ll become a part of the bugs!

“When there are a lot of bugs flying around all at once, I feel like I’ll become a part of the bugs.” (Male, 22 years old)

Say what?  Does anyone else feel like that?

  • I used to like bugs when I was a kid…

“When I was a kid, I was fine around bugs, but now I can’t stand them.” (Male, 30 years old)

It looks like a lot of people in Japan dislike or even hate insects…

We’d like to hear from our own readers.  Cast your vote and let us know how you really feel about insects in the comments section below!  Don’t hold back!  It can’t get any worse than, “I feel like I’ll become a part of the bugs.”

Source: NicoVideo