Interesting camera technique shows fireworks from a totally different point of view.

Summer usually has at least one thing to look forward to in Japan. Beyond the humidity, beyond the heat, the glory and excitement of fireworks festivals wait for us as the evening rolls in. Some of us who are amateur photographers understand this to be true: taking pictures of a fireworks show is not easy. From almost complete darkness to flashes of brilliant light, it can be a challenge to keep your target centered and in focus. However, there is a technique which allows you to capture some truly spectacular photos that some might have a hard time identifying as fireworks.

The secret here is a long exposure time and manually changing the focus. Twitter user @coco_n took these photos using a two second exposure, a 50-millimeter macro lens and her hand to alter the focus.

The results are definitely not your typical photo of fireworks; they look like they were computer-generated images rather than pictures taken with a camera outdoors. Those who are unsure if they can achieve similarly jaw-dropping results, take a look at some of our own photos that we attempted using the same method.

▼ Amateur photos coming your way!




▼ You can go from in-focus to out-of-focus or vice versa.




It’s easier than it looks to pull off some great shots! So those of you who have a DSLR and a local fireworks festival, get out there and shoot your heart out! Just remember our tried and true method, if you take hundreds of photos, at least one is bound to turn out pretty. Don’t forget to check out more of @coco_n‘s photos on their Twitter page.

Happy shooting!

Source: Iroiro
Top image: Twitter/@coco_n
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