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Beauty ideals can be strange things. In Japan, the concept of hattoushin, a perfect 1:8 head-to-body ratio and the idealisation of kogao, or small face, reign supreme.

This obsession with creating a slim face has brought about some weird and wacky contraptions. If you don’t have time to stick to a routine that includes face rollers, cheek-lifting masks and facial exercises, there’s now a quick fix at hand: a lens that slips over your phone camera to give you that kogao look.

Available from online store Thanko, for 2,480 yen (US$21), the face-slimming selfie lens comes in a three-item set which also includes one macro and one wide-angle lens.

▼ The macro lens lets you zoom in really tight on small subjects, while the wide-angle lens takes in 30 percent more of your surroundings, making it like a built-in selfie stick for your phone.


What’s really got everyone talking is the lens with the coveted face-slimming technology that’s said to make your head appear 20 percent smaller. To use, simply clip the lens over your existing phone lens, then smile and say cheese.


▼ The lens can be fitted over the front and rear cameras, allowing you to slim your full-body shots and make you appear taller as well.


Compatible with iPhones, smartphones, and tablets, the set comes complete with lens covers and a carry pouch for all your body-transforming needs. To check out the result of the face-slimming lens, take a look at the before-and-after photos below. It’s cheaper than a face-lift, but really, is it worth it? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


Source, images: Thanko