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Even in the modern era, you’ll find plenty of occasions in Japan to dress up in kimono, such as for festivals, fireworks exhibitions, or other special events (and considering how relatively easy it is to do, it’s something you really should try at least once). But as much as Japan may love its traditions and history, there aren’t too many occasions when you get to strap on a set of samurai armor, so when life gives you the opportunity to do so, like at this new photo studio in Tokyo, you won’t want to let it pass you by.

Sure, you could head all the way down to Oshima Island in the Inland Sea to try on some samurai armor, but if you find yourself closer to Japan’s capital (like most of the people who live in or travel to the country), on October 27 the Samurai Studio will be opening in Tokyo’s historical Asakusa district. Don’t let the fact that the date is close to Halloween fool you, either. These aren’t cheap store-bought getups, but painstakingly crafted sets of armor, including some used in the samurai dramas produced by Japanese TV broadcaster NHK.

Among the armor you can choose from are sets demonstrative of the Sengoku and Edo periods, as well as ones modeled after the personal protection of famous samurai Sanada Yukimura and Naoe Kanetsugu.

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And since women are a driving force behind a renewed interest in samurai history, Samurai Studio is also happy to accommodate armor-loving ladies as well as men.

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But just like Japan’s feudal period eventually came to an end, so too is the Samurai Studio open for a limited time only, and your last chance to have your picture taken there will be November 5. Photo packages start at a reasonable 4,900 yen (US$41), and reservations can be made in English here. Honestly, the whole thing looks so cool that we’re thinking of mobilizing one of our RocketNews24 brigades for a little photo shoot of our own…

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