Use this handy trick when you don’t want your panties saying “Peek-a-boo!” under your white bottoms.

Depending on the woman, she may be into dark, earthy or pastel hues when it comes to personal style, but something many ladies can agree on is that it’s not practical to fill your wardrobe with white. Not only does the color seem to attract dirt and stains like none other, there’s also the trouble that white clothing tends to be pretty see-though.

The latter is enough to make some women avoid wearing white all together, and white bottoms in particular, especially when it’s that time of the month, despite what pad and tampon commercials might lead you to believe. (I mean, really, it’s basically like spitting in the face of the Red Warrior Gods.)

Unfortunately whenever summer rolls around, fashion brands everywhere come out with a new array of white dresses, pants, and skirts, trying to sell women on the idea that maybe this time it’ll work out. But, nope, everyone can still see your Pikachu panties peeking out from underneath the fabric.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, that’s just what Japanese YouTuber Kaname from Kaname Channel has set out to test.

This time she’s paired up a classic-looking white skirt with numerous types of undies to see which one is least visible under white clothing.

As you can probably imagine, black or patterned panties are definitely on full display under a white skirt, while yellow faired only slightly better. So what’s the real winner here?





Thongs! That’s right, it appears the best way to eliminate your panties showing is having less fabric to show. Unfortunately that means you’ll probably have to deal with more than a few wedgies throughout the day. Hey, when it comes to fashion, no pain, no gain, right?

Sadly further experimentation is still necessary for figuring out how to keep your bra from showing underneath a white shirt. Perhaps one of our reporters, like Mr. Sato, would be happy to lend a hand to science, or we can patiently wait in hopes that Kaname will release a sequel.

Until then, why not check out this other experiment, about whether or not wearing a skirt on a ferris wheel gives everyone an upshot from below.

Source and feature/top image: Kaname Channel