This dog’s face perfectly expresses  the feeling of those “oh, crap” moments in life.

An extremely brief yet hilarious video originally posted by Instagram user mermaiidqueen and recently retweeted by Japanese user @nazcochat reveals the exact instant this poor dog realized that they weren’t exactly going where he imagined.

The title of the video is simple, descriptive and straight to the point — but allow us a bit of literary embellishment! The video starts with a husky traveling in the car, blissfully unaware of the cruel twist that awaits him. Naive animal that he is, he believes he’s traveling with his master (who would never betray him, of course), who promised to take him to the dog park. “Car! Car! Car!” is what he was probably saying in his dog voice as his tongue flapped happily in the wind.

But these happy moments were not to last. A terrifying feeling swept over him when he realized the twisted truth. He wasn’t going to the dog park at all.

▼”I wonder if that tennis ball will be th—”

That’s right. This poor pooch was actually headed to the vet. We know it’s cruel to laugh, but watching as the dog’s face slowly dissolves from an expression of mindless glee to stiff, abject terror was kind of hilarious.

Actually, watching this again, it becomes apparent that this expression could apply to any number of unfortunate life scenarios. Allow us to demonstrate!

▼”Yeah man, like, homework sucks—dude, cop!”

Screen shot 2016-08-28 at 10.40.09 AM

First exhibit is the stoned teenage dog. Driving with his delinquent dog friends, enjoying life, when suddenly a police car pulls up next to them at a stop light. Oh wait, actually, that’s just a normal car. False alarm.

▼”Yeah, Terminal C…Wait. Do you have my passport?”

Screen shot 2016-08-28 at 10.40.09 AM

Second Exhibit. The cosmopolitan traveler dog. Yeah, he’s an experienced traveler but makes a fatal amateur mistake, leaving home without his passport and doesn’t realize it until they get to the airport. Oh, crap, indeed!

▼ “Kibbles! Kibbles! Kibbles! Wait, she’s not stopping. Where is she going?”

Screen shot 2016-08-28 at 10.40.09 AM

Final scenario. This dog is at the dog restaurant. Waiting for what seems like hours for a simple dish of kibbles. Hungry, tired, confused. Then, the dog waitress approaches the table. “That’s it, that’s what I ordered. No, no! Come back! That was my kibble and beggin’ strips omelette with rye toast!”

OK, so maybe we took this dog thing a little too far. Share your own caption ideas in the comment section!

Source: hamsoku
Top image: Twitter/Nazcochat
Images: Twitter/Nazcochat (Screenshot by RocketNews24)