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As a guy, sometimes knowing the difference between what looks good and what doesn’t can be a challenge. I know that I personally value functionality over fashion: why should I buy new shoes when my three-year-old ones still fit fine? They only have a couple of holes in them. And what’s wrong with my fanny pack? It’s perfecting for holding all my trading cards!

Thankfully for us guys, Niconico News recently put out the results of a survey given to 200 women, asking them to rate the worst clothing/accessories for men. Does your wardrobe get off scot-free, or are you a proud owner of everything on the list? Find out after the jump!

Here’s the list of the top 10 worst-looking men’s fashion items, according to the women Niconico News polled. Underneath are some quotes from the women who filled out the survey, translated into English. So let’s get things started with number 10!

#10. Old sneakers with holes in them

“It makes [the wearer] look like they’re living in poverty.” (28-year-old)

“Maybe if they were younger it’d be okay, but not now.” (39)

▼ “Who cares if they have a few holes in them? They were free! All I had to do was get them down from this power line.”

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#9. Wide-necked shirts showing off their chest

“Are they trying to look like a male host? (29)

“They don’t need to show off their skin like that.” (31)

▼ I see nothing wrong here.

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#8. White socks with a suit

“A suit is not a school uniform.” (34)

“They just clash with the suit.” (35)

▼ “How about if my socks are so dirty they’ve turned black?”

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#7. Jeans with so many holes you can see the wearer’s legs or underwear

“A tasteful hole or two is fine, but one you can see the underwear it’s going too far.” (34)

“Leg hair sticking out of pant holes will crush my dreams for even the most wonderful guy.” (31)

▼ “But without the holes in my pants, where will my little friend live?”

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“One fashionable item is fine, but too many shows a lack of taste.”  (35)

“Okay in your teens, but you have to grow out of it eventually.” (29)

▼ “But mom! My swag!

bad fashion (7)Pets Adviser via Flickr (Pets Adviser)

#5. Extremely pointed shoes

“You’re not a male host, right?” (26)

“Feels old-fashioned, like they’re from the Showa Era (1989 and earlier).” (31)

▼ Didn’t I see you get crushed by a house once?

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.22.22 PMDreamblog

#4. Caps worn backwards

“Makes them loom like a playground troublemaker.” (31)

“If you’re a kid, sure. If you’re an adult, no.” (30)

▼ “My hat too?! Man, parents just don’t understand.”

bad fashion (7)Pets Adviser via Flickr (Pets Adviser)

#3. Out-of-season leather jacket/pants

“You see them sweating in leather in the middle of summer and they just look silly.” (32)

“It just seems like they’re trying to show off or something.” (26)

▼ “What’s the matter ladies? Too much man for you?”

bad fashion (8)Flickr (Leather Gay – Nakahomo)

#2. Extremely tight pants

“It hurts just looking at them.” (39)

“I feel like they went through a lot of pain just to get them on.” (24)

▼ It took a dozen wrenches and several smaller pairs of progressively less-skinny pants to get him into these.

bad fashion (9)Flickr (Marcus)

And the number one worst-looking men’s fashion is…






#1. Pants so low you can see their underwear

“It just looks dirty, unhygienic.” (34)

“How is this cool exactly? I’m confused.” (29)

“My eyes don’t know where to go when I look at them.” (39)

▼ “Um, excuse me miss. But my eyes are up here.”

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Well there you have it, the top 10 male fashion faux-pas as according to a group of 200 Japanese women. It seems like the majority of opinions were based on not looking like a teenager/student, and not looking messy.

So what say you, fellow men of the internet? Shall we cast off our silver chains and skinny jeans, or shall  we continue to turn our caps backwards and wear our silver jewelry with pride?

Source: Niconico News via Hachima Kiko
Featured/top image: Pets Adviser via Flickr (Pets Adviser)