Perfect for modern-day warriors.

The haori jacket has been enjoying a boom in popularity in Japan recently. The thigh-length coat, traditionally worn over a kimono or hakama pants, was once the wardrobe of the Japanese elite, before becoming popular everyday wear for samurai, members of the merchant classes, and now, anyone who wants to add some traditional flair to their modern wardrobe.

The classic shape and style of the versatile coat is perfectly suited to modern casual wear, and retail chain Muji, who specialises in no-frills everyday co-ordinates and classic cuts, is now giving us their take on the haori, with the new Water-Repellent Stretch Chino Haori.

The Muji design features a dropped shoulder silhouette and open front, in keeping with the traditional style. It’s incredibly versatile to wear, pairing well with dresses, skirts, shirts and trousers, adding a layer of warmth to your outfit during transitional seasons like spring and autumn, although it can be easily layered with a turtleneck sweater during winter too.

The traditional style has been given a modern overhaul with a stretch chino polyester material, which makes it comfortable to wear and less prone to wrinkling.

It’s also water-repellent, so you won’t have to worry if you find yourself caught in sudden rain or snowfall.

The stretchy material makes it easy to carry in your bag for those times when the weather changes and you need some extra warmth. The haori is available in extra-extra-small through to extra-large sizes, and comes in a choice of two colors — black and greyish brown.

Priced at 6,990 yen (US$63.92), the Muji haori is considerably cheaper than other options you’ll find on the market, and it’s available to purchase now at Muji stores around the country and online.

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