Customised lingerie service offers a range of options which are a perfect match for some of the anime world’s most popular characters.

Japanese order-made lingerie service All For Me offers a huge variety of colours, patterns, and lacy options from which to construct your very own personalised undergarments. Their bra range includes two base shapes, with customers free to choose the material for the cups and the underband, colours for the straps, and the type and placement of the lace.


While the company doesn’t advertise any official anime lingerie sets, clever cosplayers are using the service to create unique looks inspired by some of their favourite characters. With 24 colours and 37 patterns to choose from, all it takes is some creative flair to turn any type of anime character – male or female – into a unique bra and panty set.

▼ These bras take on the theme of Japanese mobile card collecting game Ensemble Stars, with idol unit Undead up top and technopop twin unit 2wink below.

One-Punch Man, a hugely popular manga and anime series, stars Saitama as a caped, bald-headed hero who wears a yellow and white costume with red gloves and boots.


▼ This bra matches Saitama’s outfit so well, you’ll feel like a powerful superhero every time you put it on!


Another character from the One-Punch Man series is Lord Boros, a tall, cyclops alien with pink, spiky hair. He starts off wearing a special golden armour but then reveals a blue skin with cracked markings once his armour is destroyed by Saitama.


This bra uses yellow straps as a shout-out to Boros’ spiked shoulder armour, with a glimmer of pink at the top of each cup and a covering of blue lace that looks just like his cracked skin.

Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki is known for his stylised warrior outfit in Touken Ranbu, the popular online game that depicts historical swords as handsome young men.


Now you can wear the handsome sword as a bra, with bright and pale shades of red set apart with a sliver of orange.

Members of Hyoutei Academy from the manga and anime franchise Prince of Tennis are known for their distinctive uniforms.


The black, white and blue colour palette makes this look like an ordinary bra, but fans of the anime will know exactly what those colours mean!

▼ Popular swimming anime Free! can also be re-created in bra form.


All the splash of the anime and its characters are captured perfectly in this pretty acqua-blue and white lace-covered bra.

With the company only delivering in Japan at the moment, be sure to check out the service if you’re visiting Japan or have friends in the area. Their custom-made bras are available from 9,980 yen (US$85) and panties from 2,990 yen.

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