Japanese Twitter users are weighing in with their thoughts on the two new limited edition items.

With every new season, Starbucks customers in Japan are absolutely spoilt with delicious-tasting Frappuccino flavours like cantaloupe, matcha and sakura cherry blossoms. Now, as we leave summer and head towards the cooler months of autumn, another new cream-topped concoction lies gleaming on the horizon, and this one comes filled with golden maple and candy walnut flavours.

▼ The “Golden Maple Frappuccino with Candy Walnut” (560 yen/US$5.50) and the hot “Golden Maple Latte” (420 yen – 540 yen) will make their appearance at Starbucks locations around the country from 1 September.


Containing a maple syrup honey, butter, and walnut paste blend, the drink also features a good serving of candy-coated walnut pieces, and is topped with whipped cream, walnut sugar, and a glossy sauce to give it an enticing golden colour. The smooth and crunchy textures are said to combine wonderfully with the unique aroma and sweet taste of the maple syrup honey, while the richness of butter is used to give the walnut-filled drink an added sense of depth and flavour.

Staba Top

Making this Frappuccino extra special is the addition of a new limited edition “Choux Stick”, which retails for 80 yen. Custom-made for the drink to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Starbucks in Japan, the delicious dipping stick is made from baked dough and a mix of cocoa nibs from crushed cocoa beans.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 3.18.40 PM

The crunchy, grainy texture of the sweet brings a sense of dessert to the drink, and is perfect for dipping into the whipped cream topping and the base ingredients at the bottom of the cup before finishing.


As soon as the new products were revealed on Starbucks Japan’s official Twitter account, Frappuccino fans across the country were quick to let everyone know what they thought of the new delicacies.

“These look absolutely delicious!”
“I can’t wait to try these!”
“Without a doubt, I’ll be getting fat this autumn.”
“I can’t resist anything with maple syrup in it!”
“I think these will be a big hit around the country.”

With so much love for the new limited edition items even before their national release, these are sure to be some of the most sought after beverages in Japan this season. Both the Frappuccino and the Choux Stick are only available until 2 October so make sure you stop by before then to try them out!

Source, Images: Starbucks Japan