Which culture has better bosses? Or, at least, funnier ones?

It’s no secret that working in a Japanese office is very different from a Western one, but what about in China? In the land of online rental boyfriends and US$250 per month bathroom-apartments, what is the daily office life really like?

The Shanghai sketch-comedy group Mamahuhu recently made a video to show off just that – the differences between working for a Chinese boss and a Western boss. Watch the full video here and scroll down for highlights:

▼ Item #1: Punctuality.
Showing up at 10:30 on the first day under a Western boss.


▼ …and showing up at 10:30 under a Chinese boss.


▼ Uh, thanks? I love you too… boss?


▼ Item #2: Lunch time.


▼ Yep. That’s pretty accurate for under an American boss.


How do they do lunch under a Chinese boss? Watch the rest of the video to find out, along with the other hilarious differences, and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel for more videos.

Although if you’re thinking about flying over to China to start working for a super cool boss after watching this video, you may want to look into that a little bit first.

Source: YouTube/TMD Shanghai via shanghailist
Featured/top image: TD Shanghai