Some assembly required. Much cuteness included.

In the pantheon of Japanese sweets, monaka occupy a particularly elegant position. Made of a pair of crisp mochi wafers with some sort of sweet filling, they’re a high-class indulgence sold by cultured confectioners.

But that doesn’t mean monaka can’t be playful too, like in these new desserts from Felissimo, Japan’s premiere provider of cat-themed merchandise.


Last December, Felissimo introduced its line of Nyarshmallows (a mashup of “nyan,” the Japanese sound of a cat meowing, and “marshmallows”), and now they’re back again as part of six-piece monaka set.


In addition to six Nyarshmallos, the bundle comes with six sets of wafers and three packs of Hokkaido-sourced anko (sweet bean jam), two of textured tsubu anko and one of white anko. The components are packaged separately, which means you’ll have to assemble the snacks yourself. On the plus side, that means you can also spruce them up by adding ice cream, a common monaka accompaniment, or whatever other sweet extras you’re in the mood for.


As with many of Felissimo’s products, there’s plenty of visual variety, thanks to a total of 18 different Nyarshmallo faces, with a new set of six being rotated in next month and again the month after that.


▼ The whole gang appears on the box.


The Nyarshmallo monaka can be ordered domestically here from Felissimo, priced at 1,939 yen (US$18.80), 54 yen of which will be donated to an animal cat welfare organization. And if all of this just has you craving Japanese sweets, but you’re not a cat lover, you can always enjoy some suicide monaka instead.

Source: IT Media
Top image: Felissimo (edited by RocketNews24)

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