Yet another benefit of working from home.

Social distancing has caused many to perform activities over the Internet that used to be face-to-face. Everything from graduation ceremonies to flower-viewing parties to everyday meetings at work.

And while having virtual meetings has brought with it some difficulties, it has also brought plenty of unexpected benefits as well. Japanese Twitter user Kyuuri recently posted about one such surprising incident:

▼ It’s every employee’s worst fear… until it isn’t!
(Translation below)

“After an online meeting was over, one of my managers asked me to stay on. I waited on pins and needles, but then they bashfully said: ‘Hey, Name-kun, sorry to bother you but… can you show me the cat I saw behind you earlier?’ and I worked overtime to show them.”

And yes, before anyone asks, Kyuuri did share a picture of the cat as well:

▼ Now we all understand the manager’s motives.

Nobody wants to hear the phrase, “Hey, can we talk?” from anyone, much less their boss. But when the thing they want to talk about turns out not to be your future at the company, but your adorable cat, then by all means let the talking flow!

Japanese netizens were quick to point out the fact that the boss asked the question “bashfully” (tere in Japanese, like in the word tsundere) and it was done over a “tele-work” meeting:

“Now that’s what I call tere-work!”
“That boss was really putting the tere in tere-work.”
“Finally, some overtime I wouldn’t mind doing.”
“Your overtime will be paid in treats.”
“lol you must’ve been freaking out before then though!”

Here’s to hoping that even when quarantine is over, the company will see the many benefits that cats can bring to the workplace and allow them in the office as some places have been doing for years.

Source: Twitter/@kyuri0465 via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
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