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Think your boss is cruel? Be glad you don’t work for this guy!

What’s not to love about otoshidama? Getting some free money as a New Year’s gift, and potentially a lot of money depending on how young/cute you are, is always awesome, right?

Well, not when the money comes on the end of a fishing hook. That’s exactly what happened recently in China according to the Want Daily, a Taiwanese newspaper that mainly reports on events in mainland China.

A boss of one Chinese company apparently wanted to find out how many of his employees were using their cellphones for private use during working hours. So he decided to try an experiment fit for a mad scientist: he sent out a 60 yuan (US$9) New Year’s “gift” to all of his employees via WeChat, a Chinese smartphone app for texting and sending money.

That might not sound so bad at first, but the boss had an ulterior motive: WeChat also lets you know when the person accepts the money, and any employee who took receipt of their bonus during working hours was fined 500 yuan ($76).

▼ It pretty much went something like this.

Three employees got caught in the trap, and the rest either smelled something fishy and waited until they got home to open it on their phone, or were simply not using their phones while at work (yeah, probably not the latter). Talk about a miserable way to start off the new year!

The boss is quoted as saying this about his diabolical scheme:

“Usually it’s hard to tell which employees are slacking off work while playing around on their phones, but I came up with a good method to figure it out.”

Thankfully there are laws against this kind of thing in many other countries, but apparently not in China, where employees are supposed to be thankful to their bosses for “allowing” them to work.

So the next time you see your boss, why not give them a big hug for not being a horrible manipulative monster like this guy? Or, if they are a horrible, manipulative monster, then maybe you should suggest they read this article—they might finally find their soulmate!

Source: livedoor NEWS via Toychan
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