It may just be an inflatable moon balloon, but it’s just as scary as the real thing.

You may have heard of the Mid-Autumn Festival before, a holiday celebrated in China, Korea, and other Asian countries. It’s held on the 15th day of the eight lunar month, typically around September or October, and celebrates the full moon that appears on that night.

But sometimes, the moon has other plans.

In the city of Fuzhou, the capital of China’s eastern Fujian province, a massive, inflatable moon was blown away by an incoming typhoon. It was let it loose across the city, creating havoc and panic in its wake.

Here’s a video showing the moon rolling over everything in its path:

Yikes! Seeing it roll over those cars, and just cut out before presumably rolling over the poor person and their scooter, was pretty terrifying. Chances are there was little to no damage done, considering the moon balloon is only filled with air, but I can imagine the people involved will have PTSD just looking at the night sky now.

Here’s some reactions from online:

▼ Well it looks like China didn’t manage to defeat Skull Kid.

▼ Although some had different opinions on what the balloon was…

▼ …it’s a rock from a different Harrison Ford movie!

▼ The video of the moon rolling over things
works surprisingly well with Katamari Damacy music.

My question is: what finally stopped the moon’s reign of terror? Did it get stuck in some packing-tape kanji? Did it eat too much melon bread and got sick? We need to  be prepared now before it comes back on midnight of the third day!

Source: Twitter/@XHNews via The Verge
Featured image: Twitter/@XHNews