SoraNews24 does not condone tossing bombs to try to find rupees.

We’ve seen Japanese YouTubers turn Shibuya into a real-life scene from Grand Theft Auto before, but what about when real-life turns into a video game?

And not just any video game, but one that’s just a little less realistic than Grand Theft Auto: a Zelda game.

Japanese Twitter user @exoego recently posted a photo of just that, when they came across a familiar scene to any experienced Zelda gamer.

“When I was out for a walk I was super excited to
find a secret entrance from the Legend of the Zelda.”

Whether you’ve only played Breath of the Wild, or you’re more of a classic-lover with Ocarina of Time, or a hardcore old-school gamer and prefer the original NES Legend of Zelda — or you’re like me and exclusively play A Link to the Past —  that photo is going to be rousing up some memories.

Specifically, very bomb-able memories.

▼ It’s just like this screenshot shows: a wall with cracks in the middle
just begging to be bombed, with normal rock walls on either side.

Cracks in walls that, once bombed, lead to hidden treasures and other secrets are super common in the Zelda series. While it’s not uncommon to see cracks in walls in real life, having one that so perfectly resembles the games is quite rare.

Not only are the cracks thick and obvious, but they stop on just those three tiles, making them contrast sharply with the others, and practically begging the viewer to equip their bombs, press the Y button, and see what happens.

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to the real-life game scene:

“Yup, there’s definitely a hidden path behind there.”
“You could just try pressing against it and seeing if it disappears in a whoosh.”
“Looks like if you just dash into it with Pegasus Boots on it’d crack.”
“Try a hammer!”
“Before you can bomb it, you have to stop the water in front. Find the switch!”
“I hope it’s the fat fairy waiting behind it.”
“I can already hear the secret-chime going off.”

We’ve seen before that there are connections between the Zelda world and our world, so maybe there’s a chance that we’ve finally found the gate between universes.

Source: Twitter/@exoego via My Game News Flash, Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@exoego
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