Tokyo Game Show is always well-staffed with booth attendants, and not all of them wear T-shirts! Check out this gallery of exquisite cosplay from the show floor!

Whether you take umbrage at the term “booth babes” or not, there’s no denying that ladies in pretty costumes remain a staple part of video game conventions, especially in Japan. During Day 1 of Tokyo Game Show yesterday, we spotted some gorgeous costumes worn by the booth staff, as well as some that were a bit more risque. Sadly, however, we didn’t spot any buff booth boys this year, unlike last year!

▼ Generally, the outfits are tailored to the game on show…

▼ But that rule doesn’t always apply.

▼Some, however, are full-on cosplay!

▼ Love the ears, ladies.

▼Some of the booth attendants were literally part of the exhibition.

So, whose outfit did you like the best? Let us know below!

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